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Web Developement

I provide affordable websites for those who cannot afford to pay thousands of dollars web development agencies.

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SSL Certificate Installation

$ 29.99

Installation of a SSL Certificates on a single domain of your choice.

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WordPress Setup

$ 59.00

You will receive a WordPress installation on a server of your choice that meets WordPress installation requirements along with free plugins/themes of your choice.

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Reserve Developer – 1 Hr

$ 39.95

You are reserving a developer for 1 hour of either Web Development or Server Management. Please Note: You can purchase for multiple hours at a time.  Working with Linux Servers Only.

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I am an independent web designer located in Washington D.C. specializing in WordPress web development. Web development is a passion of mine and I enjoy learning new ways to simplify an online presence for those who cannot simply pay thousands of dollars to a web development agency. Take a look at my work and if you like what I do then feel free to reach out. I offer affordable rates compared to other developers in the industry.

Programming Languages:
HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, MySQL & Bash.