Best Way to Optimize Images for Your Site.

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Before I go ahead and tell you what is the best way you can optimize your img files I should begin by telling you why you should optimize your images.

Without going into too much technical detail, the simplest way of explaining it is that the greater the image files are the more time your browser will spend downloading them from the server. So if you have multiple images on your site, each 1 mb in size (which is horrible for the user),then your page will take a significate time to load. So what you want to do is compress those image files using an algorithm to reduce the file size which will in turn reduce the time your webpage takes to load.

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Now images aren’t the only data that is being loaded but it is one of the main types of data that take up a lot of space in load times. Here is an example of a website, where the image file types takes up the most bandwidth on this particular site. It is more common for image files to take up the most amount of space.

I do not know if I sold you on why you should compress your image files but the best way of actually finding out is to give it a try.

The best way I think is to use this website called All you have to do is upload the image to the site and then just download the output. The site has two types of compression algorithms, Lossy and Lossless. What they do is in the name. Obviously lossy you will loose image quality but reduce the file to a greater extent. Then with Lossless, you will not loose any image quality but you will not reduce the file as much.

Enjoy =)