Posted On: October 17, 2016

By Author: Emre

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VPN also known as Virtual Private Network conceals your computers identity by hiding behind a proxy computer.

Today, with everything going on, we have no privacy online. Every website you visit tracks your clicks, location, browser history, etc… We have google advertisements following us from website to website. Have you ever wondered why yesterdays eBay¬†search on computer monitors now seems to be following you in ads in your favorite news feeds. Well, it’s simple, they’re called cookies that websites tag your browsers with to know what you were looking at. Google and many other websites use cookies to track our every move. VPN might not directly stop cookies stored on your browser but it does give you some protection from websites gathering information on your geolocations. Not to mention, VPN’s prevent NSA and ISP from collecting your traffic because VPNs encrypt all your traffic leaving your computer.

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