What other methods are out there for measuring website traffic?

Posted On: June 6, 2015

By Author: Emre

If you want to use other methods for monitoring traffic to your website aside from Google Analytics for whatever reason then this article is for you. I love Google Analytics but I also like to compare what I am seeing to other alternative programs to make sure I am getting accurate readings. The two other programs that come preinstalled on the control panel CPanel are Webstats and Webalizer. Now, don’t be intimidated with the GUI. It might look outdated to you but it gets the job done. The main information I try to look for is the unique visitors per month, week or day. However you want to benchmark yourself (I recommend per month). One thing you can do with these two programmes is that you can view the ip addresses accessing your website. You cannot do this with google due to Google’s confidentiality agreement with its users. This article talks about the three platforms comparing its unique visitors.