WordPress Backup

Posted On: October 22, 2016

By Author: Emre

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It is always best practice to back up your digital content.

WordPress has a well supported community behind it and it has been around for some quite time. That being said, there are several simplified methods to backing up your site, i.e. plugins. It is always best that you know how your system is working so you can make sure you have the right plugin backing up everything you need.

  • You need your WordPress folder on your sites directory.
  • You also need the database from MySQL that your site interacts with.

In your websites root directory, also known as the path to your server, this is where your WordPress’s main files are located. In those files you have your themes, plugins and images. They all consist of php files that fetch information from the database. Those all need to be backed up. Then you have your MySQL database, this is where the main content of your site is located.

So you need a plugin that simplifies that process of exporting both the contents of the WordPress file and the database your site interacts with. A good plugin is Backup WordPress.